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Automatic feeders and drinkers to improve feeding in poultry farming

Feeding in poultry farming is a topic of great interest for producers. Within this field, automatic feeders and drinkers are equipment that facilitates this process in the poultry farm and are positioned as ideal solutions. On the one hand, they improve results at an economic level, and, on the other hand, they favor animal welfare and mitigate environmental impact.Get more news about Advanced Syringe Auto Feeder,you can vist our website!

Automatic solutions for feeding in poultry farming
Today, there are companies with extensive experience in the poultry feeding market. With 60 years of experience in the poultry products and solutions sector, Giordano Poultry Plast (GPP) has anticipated the search for effective solutions for the entire poultry production chain. From hatching to rearing, slaughtering to transport, it has focused its production on a material endowed with countless qualities: plastic.

GPP has a wide range of products manufactured with recognized and special raw materials made in Italy. In addition, it is positioned as a supplier of automatic lines and components with high operational reliability.

Feeding in poultry farming is a subject of great interest for producers as it constitutes the main axis and the most expensive input of the whole production. Therefore, both feeding and water are poultry needs that must be optimally supplied.
Automatic solutions for feeding in poultry farming are available on the market. Therefore, automatic feeders such as the TWIST, which consists of only three elements, have been developed. This automatic product can be washed and cleaned without disassembly or handling. Thanks to its design, it is possible to introduce pressurized water that allows complete and thorough internal washing. In addition, thanks to its shape, quick-draining, and drying of the product are guaranteed, facilitating its internal and external cleaning. Finally, the TWIST can be adapted for feeding the poultry at any stage of production. The equipment can be tilted to adapt to the bird’s height, and at the same time, it avoids leaks and feed wastage.

On the other hand, there is an automatic feeder focused on turkeys and ducks called POLYFEEDER. This product also has an easy assembly and operation design, which gives it the capacity to be used in any productive stage. Young birds use the lower plate, while mature and larger chickens use the upper plate. In both cases, feed wastage is avoided, and the feeding adjustment is very accurate.

Automatic drinkers should also be considered among the feeding components in poultry farming. Poultry drink 1.6 to 2 times more water than the amount of feed they consume. For this reason, they must have an adequate water supply to ensure efficient production. As poultry grow, their water consumption increases in proportion to their body weight.

GPP has a line of automatic drinkers that can significantly reduce production costs. The DRINKER T-LINE is an automatic drinker, designed specifically for ducks and turkeys. This equipment offers perfect functionality, optimum performance and consists of only a few components.

The permanent supply of freshwater allows the animals to live in a healthy environment and decreases the mortality rate of the animals. This automatic drinker features a pendulum that is connected to a valve and oscillates due to the ducks’ pecking. This design provides an efficient mechanism that minimizes water waste and allows a correct calibration of the water needed for the poultry’s consumption.

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